Richard Crouse & Associates

RC&A provides photogrammetric stereo aerial photography and remote sensing from our fleet of 10 aircraft, which serve as platforms for six Leica RC-30 film cameras, 2 Zeiss RMK Top film cameras, three Intergraph Digital Mapping Cameras and one Optech DiMAC digital camera.

Additionally we now offer LiDAR data collection using a state of the art system that couples a Riegl LiDAR sensor with a Leica RCD-30 medium format digital camera. LiDAR data and imagery can be collected simultaneously or independently of one another, and the system can be mounted in our helicopter or one of our Piper twin engine aircraft.

Our Bell Jet Ranger helicopter with an internally-mounted RC-30 camera can acquire imagery at scales up to 1:400 and operate in airspace where fixed-wing flight operations are impractical. Furthermore we are able to acquire imagery at 1 cm pixel resolution using an Intergraph Digital Mapping camera on board this platform.

We perform aerial photographic processing, contact printing, digital scanning, and digital post-processing at our Frederick, Maryland facility.

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