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RC&A provides photogrammetric stereo aerial photography and remote sensing from our fleet of 10 aircraft, which serve as platforms for six Leica RC-30 film cameras, 2 Zeiss RMK Top film cameras, three Intergraph Digital Mapping Cameras and one Optech DiMAC digital camera.

Additionally we now offer LiDAR data collection using a Riegl LMS-Q680i 400Khz Full Waveform Sensor. The system can be mounted in our helicopter or one of our Piper twin engine aircraft.

Our Bell Jet Ranger helicopter with an internally-mounted RC-30 camera can acquire imagery at scales up to 1:400 and operate in airspace where fixed-wing flight operations are impractical. Furthermore we are able to acquire imagery at 1 cm pixel resolution using an Intergraph Digital Mapping camera on board this platform.

We perform aerial photographic processing, contact printing, digital scanning, and digital post-processing at our Frederick, Maryland facility.

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